1. FAQ


How to view online result using Doctor2U App?

Patients can now access their health records immediately from the Doctor2U homepage.

  1. Download Doctor2U app at www.bit.ly/doctor2u
  2. Log in with your email address registered in BP outlet (Google, Facebook or Mobile Number).
  3. Choose Medical Records in the home page of Doctor2U app.
  4. Select BP Healthcare to view your results.

If you do not register email address in BP outlet, please refer the steps as  below.

  1. Please click on “Pin Icon” in your right bottom and fill in your IC number.
  2. Click on submit button and TAC number will be sent to your mobile number as you registered in BP.
  3. Fill in the TAC number in order to access your result online.

Still don’t understand? Click here to watch the step-by-step process for accessing BP Healthcare medical records.

How can I view my online result using the website?

Alternatively, you may view your results on the website as well. Note that you will have to clear your browser’s cache first.

  1. Go to health2u.io
  2. Login with your ID and Password (ID is your email address, and password will be your first 6 digits of your IC number).
  3. Go to “view online results” in your right top of the webpage.
  4. Request OTP number (the code will be sent to the phone number that you registered at BP).

Where is the online result page?

Click: here to open the specific BP Healthcare medical record page.

How to reset password?

Please click on “forgot password” by clicking this link https://health2u.io/Login a reset password link will be sent to your email, please reset a new passwords and login again

How to request for an appointment?

You can call the branch that you want to go based on this link and request for an appointment

What should I do if I do not want to view my result online?

You are advised to make an appointment to get the doctor’s consultation based on the outlet you went.

What is Doctor2U E-commerce

Doctor2U E-commerce is a platform that focuses on selling healthcare products and services. Additionally, customers who purchase health screening packages from participating healthcare providers can view their medical lab results online through the Doctor2U E-commerce platform.

How does Doctor2U E-commerce work?

Doctor2U E-commerce sells both healthcare products and services. The redemption methods differ for both.

(a) When you purchase any products from Doctor2U E-commerce, our merchants will have it delivered to you within 7 working days for Peninsular Malaysia and 14 working days for East Malaysia. However, delivery to East Malaysia is subject to merchant’s availability.

(b) When you purchase any services from Doctor2U E-commerce, there will be no delivery of physical product. Instead, you will receive a voucher by email which will include a unique redemption code. Alternatively, you can view the voucher on Doctor2U E-commerce’s purchase history webpage. To redeem the service, just present a hard or soft copy of the voucher at the service provider venue. An appointment must be made before redeeming the service at the venue. Please book appointments early to ensure date availability.

Appointment must be made before presenting yourself to the venue to allow smooth and efficient service receive. 

How to register on Doctor2U E-commerce?

You can register an account on Doctor2U E-commerce with your email address, or can sign up with Facebook or Google+.

Where can I get help if I have question?

There is a Live Chat icon on the Doctor2U E-commerce webpage that lets you ask any questions they might have. You can also drop us an email at [email protected] or fill out and submit our online enquiry form.

How can I be a seller on Doctor2U E-commerce?

From the Doctor2U E-commerce homepage, click “Sell on Doctor2U E-commerce” and fill out the registration form. Our team will then review your business and will contact you for the subsequent steps.