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What are the signs of hearing loss?

The signs vary among individuals. However, common signs that may notice are:

1) Constant requests for repetition during conversations

2) Difficulty in hearing conversations especially in the presence of background noise

3) Difficulty in hearing while using phone

4) Poor localization towards the source of sound

5) Complaints from others that you need to be called several times before you actually respond

6) You need to increase the volume of the TV or radio despite others feeling its too loud

7) You claimed that you are hear but did not understand what has been said

Can my hearing loss be cured?

Conductive hearing loss can be cured, depending on the case, through surgical procedure and/or medication. However, sensorineural hearing loss which is the most common nowadays especially among the adult population cannot be cured and only can be helped with the use hearing aid/amplification.

Will a hearing aid restore my hearing back to normal?

With the current technology used, hearing devices benefit many people. However, there has been no hearing device to date that can restore hearing back to normal.

Do I need to wear the hearing aid all day long?

The rehabilitation process needs to be done with time. You may need to wear hearing aid for a couple of hours and increase it with time to familiar with it.

Does it take long to get use to the hearing aid?

Not necessarily. It takes a while to go through this aural rehabilitation progress. You may need to wear the hearing aid for a couple of hours per day and increase it with time to get the most out of your hearing aid.

How to take care of the hearing aid?

Nano Block is one of the ultimate protection for our hearing aids by causing moisture to bead and roll off, in addition to using other current technology to preserve your hearing aid. However, the basic care management should be applied as per advised by our hearing aid specialist.

BP Provides the Best Hearing Aid Solution for You

What types of hearing aids do BP offer?

What types of hearing aids do BP offer? We offer five (5) types of hearing aids:

1) Behind the ear (BTE)

2) Receiver in canal (RIC)

3) In the ear (ITE)

4) In the canal (ITC)

5) Completely in canal (CIC)

Can we try out the hearing aids at your centre?

Yes. You may try our hearing aids after undergoing a complete hearing assessments conducted by our hearing personnel.

I have tried other hearing aids but none seems to help?

There have several reasons behind it. One of the most common problem is incorrect hearing aid fitting and/or it’s out of your expectation. BP Hearing Solutions provides you with up-to-date hearing aid technology and we have a team of specialist who are here to assist you.

I can't afford to buy it as it cost too much?

We have Easy Payment Plan (EPP) facilities for Credit card holders with 0% financing and down payment. You also may apply for funds from Pusat Zakat, JPA and JKM or apply for EPF withdrawal (terms and conditions apply).

We can buy cheaper hearing aids from any local pharmacy. Why do we need to buy from BP?

At BP, we provide our customers with quality hearing aids at competitive prices. Usually, hearing aids that are available at local pharmacies are in actual fact not a hearing aids but hearing amplifiers which can cause hearing damage in the long run.

“A study published by Michigan State University (MSU) in 2008 found low-cost amplifying devices not only do not meet the fitting requirements to help a person with hearing loss, but could actually potentially damage a person’s hearing.

” With our certified and competent hearing personnel consisting of audiologists and Hearing Instruments Specialist, you will be prescribed with hearing aid that meets your fitting requirements and hearing loss needs (complete and comprehensive hearing assessments will be provided).

How long do we have to wait for hearing aids from BP?

At BP, among our hearing aids are:

1) Open-Fit Type – can be made available instantly.

2) Mold Type – two (2) week turn-around-time.

How are we different from our competitors?

With more than 30 years in the primary healthcare industry, BP brand is well established in the market and is backed up by a track record of reliable products, services and medical professionals. Our team of specialists is available to serve our customers nationwide with over 40 outlets and still expanding (we can serve you anywhere).

Is there any warranty for BP hearing aids?

Yes, we provide two (2) years manufacturer warranty. Besides that, we also provide you with the following value-added services that no other company offers:

1) Lifetime free cleaning service (bullets)

2) Free annual hearing test

3) Free hearing consultation

4) Free HA fine-tuning

How long will the battery last? Where I can purchase the battery?

It depends on the usage of the hearing aids. You can purchase the battery at any BP outlet nearest to you.

What hearing aid brand does BP use?

BPHS offers Audibel hearing aids.

15 Reasons Why You Should Wear Two Hearing Aids?
BPHS Cutting Edge in it’s field?

Our approach on hearing impairment and prevention.

Awareness in hearing health is poor among our population of 28 million Malaysians. Many Malaysians are unaware of their pre-existing hearing impairment or in the state of denial. With hearing screening included as part of the Head2Toe health check, we discovered that hearing problems are widely prevalent but unnoticed by many of our patients.

BP HS is the Exclusive distributor of Audibel hearing aids in Malaysia. Audible is a subsidiary of Starkey Technologies, a multi-billion-dollar company by market capitalization based in USA.

We are the 1st in the country to introduce Mobile Kiosk Ear Screening and we have plans to install these kiosks in places where there is a need for accessible hearing screening.

BPHS has established a Smart Partnership with University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) to create a win-win situation enabling UKM students to be more prepared and ready for the job market. Our partnership not only benefits students through industrial training but the benefits of this arrangement also extend to fellow Associate Professors to have more cases through our multimillion customer base per year.

BPHS has big plans ahead. We want to continue to be the undisputed leader in the country in terms of outlets and patient load, and venture into Regional Expansion. We would also like to extend this invitation to UKM to join us exclusively to neighboring countries.

Our services is not only limited to the retail or walk-in customers but also extend to corporate and factories offering occupational health and safety, in particular, medical surveillance and audiological assessments.

Updated on March 6, 2018

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